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Looking for my next
to make a change.
The human way.

I strive for making products that create a positive impact on both the client and the user. I examine what goals they need and make sure they're achieved in the most meaningful way.



I thoroughly love what I do for a living. My drive to pursue my passion is the reason why I get up every morning. I enjoy working with clients and teams of various sizes within different industries. Each day I'm humbled that I'm able to help businesses and individuals reach beyond their goals while building close relationships with them.


Understanding the human experience is essential for creating useful and effective products. I enjoy using my skill set to empower people to accomplish their goals. I create digital experiences that make life easier. 

Presently, I am a part of the design studio at Nagarro working as "Lead - User Experience & Design", Where we focus on creating digital experiences for various industries. I collaborate on exciting projects with teams scattered across the globe among different backgrounds, beliefs, and timezones. My curious nature leads me to discover new tools, products, and methods that are shared within my industry.

I have a broad repertoire of skills in the digital realm and can fill in any gap someone may have. Few of them are :

User  Research 
Information Architecture

Personas   User Journeys

Wireframing    Interactive Prototyping 

Visual Design   Design System

I help companies to make product delight by aligning User Centred Design principles and business goals.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
    which help define goals, objectives and motivations for a project from the perspectives of various project stakeholders

  • Deep Dives
    conducted via a number of methods including contextual product testing & competitive wall analysis and which help to understand an existing system or a project’s competitors

  • User testing
    which helps to prove or disprove assumptions made during the initial stages of product development and which help drive evidence-based design. Employed via standard methods such as 1-1 interviews and online/remote testing, but also via newer methods such as Guerrilla testing

I have a well-documented process for UX design and development and a wide range of skills that I employ to help develop the best possible digital product and marketing solutions, including:

  • Segment Definition & Persona Development
    which help to define audiences which are relevant to a project and lead to evidence-based design. Developed via the use of segment mapping which in turn informs Personas

  • Content Development
    because well written, relevant content helps contribute to a positive user experience

  • Narrative Prototyping
    using Story Maps, to help define the product at a high level and create it’s story, and Journey Maps, to help in creating an abstract model of the product and define the User’s interaction with it. Product feature & requirement priorities are highlighted via Critical Path, or ‘Red Route’, analysis

  • Sketching
    is by far the most powerful way to both get existing ideas out of your head or to help develop ideas.

  • Wire Framing
    with a pen & paper, initially, to begin laying the foundations for products based on evidence-based design then transferred into digital format for distribution, consensus and UI Prototyping.

  • UI Prototyping
    using a range of fidelities, including conceptual, Low, Medium and High, to define & develop the user interface of the product, maintaining stakeholder consensus and informing development requirements.

Apart from work, i love travelling and here is my group photo from Srilanka




Design Systems
Scalable Design
Responsive Web Design
Mobile App Design
Smart TV Design

Wearables Design

AR/VR Designs

User Experience



Card Sorting

User Journeys

Information Architecture

User Testing

I use a range of tools
  • SneekPeekit sheets

  • Adobe XD

  • Sketch

  • Zeplin, InVision, Marvel

  • Principle

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