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Cleoh Studio

Project Type

Web Design


Visual Design


Adobe XD, Illustrator

About Project

Cleoh is a 360-degree service provider when it comes to reimagining, redesigning, restructuring or redefining the spaces you breathe in every day. Cleoh vision is to deliver exceptional design ideas, create unique spaces, enhance people's lifestyle by recreating their living spaces and help businesses succeed by redefining their workspaces.

Once we finalized the core values we wanted to communicate, we began sketching. Sketching is an intensive process, sometimes you get a great idea initially, or sometimes, after doing 100's of sketches. The key here is not to give up and keep churning bad ideas. Once the bad ideas are exhausted, the good ideas will present themselves.

Once the branding got finished, we immediately moved to website design. The strategy was simple. Create a better website then what we already had :) After we reached a good design consistency and quality, we refined the website and flow from the UX feedback we received. The below screenshot is the 4th iteration of the website.

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