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On a quest for creativity from study to living room

With the outer world cordoned off along with our go-to sources of inspiration like traveling, meeting people, or being exposed to a different point of views, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, the lockdown has cornered us to look for creativity in entirely new places like under the table and inside the refrigerator. For all we know, our next inspiration could be lurking just about anywhere.

Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal.” In other words, humans thrive as a society rather than as individuals. We are a species that learns through experiences directly and vicariously. But what if we are made to stand in the face of a new morbid reality of living within the four walls of our homes? What if we were to be subjected to live in such conditions for an uncertainly long time?

We now, know solitude by the name of social distancing, which may not necessarily be a bad thing for creativity. Being devoid of human connection for days of late, many have recorded a spike in their observation skills and attention to small things. However, letting go of mutual dependence that we are so used to, and adapting solitary living is anything but easy.

There are nevertheless, ways by which you can unlock your creative potential even while being locked down at home.

Your daily dose of inspiration is in your pocket

That 6.5-inch screen in your pocket that accompanies you everywhere, has answers to almost all your problems. Try searching for ‘how to fuel your creativity,’ on the internet and you are sure to find countless ways, including this one, to do it. One can simply seek out help from community apps and keep tabs on the work of other creative people, friends, and collaborators in your field of interest. With technology transitioning towards being more and more intuitive each day, you can get featured works straight to your e-mail in just a click of a finger.

You are not alone

Thanks to the decades of technological advancements, we are not alone, but together in this. For many of us home is the new office. The new work culture that’s always been backed by the convenience of digital tools not only saves time but also enables us to keep on conceptualizing with partners and meet time-bound deadlines and objectives with ease. We already know it’s always the little things that make the big things happen, and working together is a small step in the same direction as more the minds, more the ideas on the table, which in turn, translates to more fuel to spark creativity.

Keep your eyes & ears open

You are likely to find the likes of us in a race, chanting about efficient management of time and being productive, and while we are at it, we may overlook the details that make up the most for the quality of a project. The key is to stay attentive at all times, and when standing face-to-face with Inspiration, be ready to make it yours, something creatively unique.

Being on a lookout for inspiration is like catching a fish; you have to patient, alert, and decisive. So, if you want to lure that big fish called creativity out, stay on your guard, always.

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